MobiArch 2007

The 2nd ACM International Workshop on Mobility in the Evolving Internet Architecture
August 27, 2007, Kyoto, Japan

Sponsored by ACM SIGCOMM
In Cooperation with ACM SIGMOBILE

Supported by the EU ENABLE project and the US-UK ITA consortium

To be held with ACM SIGCOMM 2007, Kyoto, Japan, Aug. 27-31, 2007









The MobiArch'07 program comprises 2 keynotes speeches featuring the recent advances in wireless mobile networking, 4 technical paper sessions which consist of 11 peer-reviewed papers (out of 46 submissions), and a panel session debating the hot topic on "Stagnation of deployment of 4G and beyond?".
The final program can be found here.


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CALL FOR PAPERS (Call for papers in 1-page PDF format as poster)

With the recent development of technologies in wireless access and mobile devices, user, terminal, and network mobility has become an indispensable component of today's Internet vision, and it is likely to continue in the near future, while affecting the whole architectural design of the future Internet. Yet, issues like efficient mobility management and optimization, locator-identifier split, multi-homing, security, and related operational/deployment concerns are still in their early stages of development. Moreover, the Internet architecture, its end-to-end principles, and business models will require rethinking due to the massive penetration of mobility into the Internet. For instance, an appropriate system that allows communicating with a mobile host requires addressing several fundamental issues with the Internet architecture, such as ability to locate the mobile host/service, preserving ongoing communications upon changes of locations, as well as efficient and secure handover management. As another example, the emerging wireless technologies such as WiMax/WiBro and 3G/B3G/4G may pose additional challenges to the Internet architecture since they introduce design principles different from the packet-switched Internet.

MobiArch'07 welcomes submissions, from both researchers and practitioners, in exploration of recent advances in architectures, protocols, and experiences with emerging technologies on wireless and mobility over the Internet, with an emphasis on wireless infrastructures and mobility patterns for mobility support, new mobility protocols, service discovery, routing and location management, mobile network performance evaluation and modeling, multi-homing, security, architectural impacts and deployment considerations. Furthermore, the potential of usability of mobility services for connecting people and devices in developing regions of the world into the Internet infrastructure will be also explored.


Topics of MobiArch’07 cover all aspects of architectural issues and system support for wireless and mobility in the Internet, including but not limited to:

Following the success of MobiArch'06, the MobiArch'07 workshop will be a single-track one-day workshop. Early stages, position papers, systems and measurement papers will be particularly welcome. All accepted papers will be presented and discussed. The program is planned to also include a keynote address and a panel session with world-renowned researchers discussing state-of-the-art technologies and hot topics in mobility in the evolving Internet architecture. The proceedings will be published by the ACM and ACM digital library.


Submissions must be no greater than 6 pages in length, must be a pdf file, and must follow the formatting guidelines at Submissions that deviate from these guidelines will be rejected without consideration. Reviews will be single-blind: authors name and affiliation should be included in the submission. Papers may be submitted directly at the following URL: or follow the EDAS instructions as below.

1. Create a personal account on EDAS (if the author does not already have one) and log into EDAS.
2. Click on the "Submit paper" tab and choose MobiArch'07 from from the list.
3. Register the paper (requires a short abstract of up to 150 words).
4. Upload the paper, again only in pdf format.

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