Key competencies for PhD students of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer science

A series of discussions

Prof. Dr. C. Damm

Good scientific practice

Beyond special skills and knowledge of mathematicians and computer scientists working in science, there is a codex to which all scientists should commit. This includes honesty, righteous treatment of methods, sources and data as well as third party intelectual property. This series of discussions is to raise awareness for some aspects of this Professional ethics, to point at some legal bases, and to discuss the specifics of mathematics and computer science in this respect.

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The summer 2021 course will start May 10.

Course of action

Through active participation (as explained below) in this series of discussions PhD students can earn 3CP in the field Key Competencies.

  • the concept of the series will be presented during the Kickoff-Meeting
  • further sessions are to be organized and performed by groups of 2-3 participants themselves
  • „organize and perform“ means: prepare and moderate the sessions (e.g., giving a short presentation or invite someone willing to give a short talk and moderate the discussion, collect questions in advance to prepare the session, or: …)


  • you need to register at Stud.IP before taking part, read and follow carefully all given information

  • to earn 3CP in the field Key Competencies according to Promotionsordnung the following rules are applied

    • attending the Kickoff-Meeting AND
    • together with up to 2 other persons organize and perform a further session in the above-mentioned sense

    [in case there are more requests for credit earnings than can be satisfied by theses rules, further possibilities will be offered, e.g. active participation on a minimum number of sessions etc.]

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