ntheorem.sty for LaTeX

by Wolfgang May and Andreas Schedler

ntheorem.sty is a package for handling theorem-like environments. Aditionally to several features for defining the layout of theorem-like environments which can be regarded to be standard requirements for a theorem-package, it provides solutions for two related problems: placement of endmarks and generation of lists of theorem-like environments.
In contrast to former approaches, it solves the problem of setting endmarks of theorem-like environments (theorems, definitions, examples, and proofs) automatically at the right positions, even if the environment ends with a displaymath or (even nested) list environments; it also copes with the amsmath package. This is done in the same manner as the handling of labels by using the .aux file.
It also introduces the generation of lists of theorem-like environments in the same manner as listoffigures.
After running LaTeX several times (depending on the complexity of references, in general, three runs are sufficient), the endmarks are set correctly, and theoremlists are generated.
Since ntheorem.sty uses the standard LaTeX \newtheorem command, existing documents can be switched to ntheorem.sty without having to change the .tex file. Also, it is compatible with LaTeX files using theorem.sty written by Frank Mittelbach.


Currently, version 1.33 (15.8.2011, still somewhat experimental) is available:
Just get all ntheorem.dtx and ntheorem.ins and run "latex ntheorem.ins". This creates "ntheorem.sty", "ntheorem.std" and "ntheorem.drv". Copy/move them to suitable directories (where $TEXINPUTS will search for them). Then run "latex ntheorem.drv" thrice to get the documentation (you have to run it three times to get all references and generated lists right).
If this does not work, inform us.
Here are also the compiled files (but, please for installing use the .dtx file):


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