Welcome to the demonstration of SOUP (the Self-Organized Universe of People) at ACM SIGCOMM 2014! Check out the video below for a short introduction of SOUP's implementation. For the technical details of SOUP, please refer to the posters or our full paper:

David Koll, Jun Li, and Xiaoming Fu. SOUP: An Online Social Network By The People, For The People
to appear in the Proceedings of ACM/IFIP/USENIX Middleware 2014, Bordeaux, France, December 8-12.


If you want to participate, please first download SOUP here. The download contains the following directories:

soup-mw (SOUP JAVA Client) - The SOUP middleware. This middleware basically "is" the social network client for SOUP. It will join the DOSN for you, select places where you replicate your data, and so on.
soup-demo (SOUP Demo Application) - This application implements standard OSN functionalities like messaging, photo sharing and profile browsing.

After download, please connect to the demo setup.
Password: 1Soup2Demo!

After extracting the archive, you can run the middleware by navigating to the appropriate directory and starting it with:

java -jar soup-mw.jar -p 12001

The node should then join a DHT ring and you should see the message "Node successfully booted into ring." After that, you can start the demo application by navigating to its folder and type:

java -jar soup-demo.jar

A GUI should pop up and you can start networking! Try looking up other people, send them messages, or post some photos.